Plasti-Mend manufactures a line of plastic repair products for the quick, permanent repair of ABS and other solvent reactive plastics. These plastics are widely used for  items such as tanks, RV holding tanks, shower pans and sinks, AC shrouds, auto and motorcycle body and trim parts, equipment shrouds and housings and many other everyday uses. See the list below.  

Plasti-Mend products are a specially formulated mix of plastic resins and solvents designed for plastic repair by topical application. They work by chemically melting an application of plastic resins into the existing plastic, creating a new layer of plastic bonded into the existing plastic. This, with a mesh embedded at the time of application, makes the plastic repair many times stronger than the original item.    

Plasti-Mend plastic repair products will not work on non-solvent reactive plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Please verify that Plasti-Mend is suitable for your use. If you need help in identifying your plastic, see Identifying Your Plastic  or contact Plasti-Mend for more information. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Great news for the RVer   

 One of the most dreaded things for an RVer is seeing their RV holding tank leaking. But, the great news is, most RV holding tanks are ABS plastic and can be permanantly repaired with Plasti-Mend. 

Plasti-Mend Black provides an effective and economical permanant guaranteed repair for ABS Holding Tanks. Instead of $200-$500 for a new tank and that much or more for installation, you can permanently repair it with the Plasti-Mend Black Repair Kit for less than $35 and your rig can be back into use within hours.

  Should You Repair or Replace? 


Some items Plasti-Mend may be used for: 

Almost all auto, marine and aircraft plastic interior trim, including many dash and instrument panels.

Many exterior trim and body pieces. For exterior pieces, a solvent reactivity test is recommended since many other types of plastic are used for exterior pieces.

Most motorcycle fairings and body panels. Refastening mounting tabs as well as repairing cracks. Many accessories such as hard plastic saddle bags.

Cargo boxes and ski carriers  such as Thule and Yakima.

Body parts on many golf carts, electric cars (such as the GEM) and other small utility transportation vehicles. This is largely due to the weight and cost savings over fiberglass parts.

RV holding tanks and some fresh water tanks. Will not work on polyethylene tanks

Front and rear caps on many RVs.

Fender skirts on many RVs

Roofs and Storage Boxes on many tent trailers such as Coleman.

AC shrouds

Plastic shower pans, tubs, enclosures  and sinks

Plumbing pipes, conduit:- repairing holes, cracks, sheared pipes, etc. without fittings (see video)

Covers and shrouds for various types of equipment, such as lawn mowers, tractors and excavators.

Electronic equipment housings such as TV, computer, copier, printer 

Body and trim parts for many types of exercise equipment such as treadmills

Many canoes and other small watercraft are made of an ABS plastic laminated with a cover coat of other plastics, these can be repaired with Plasti-Mend


Most Plasti-Mend products are made of controlled grade, pre-consumer recycled plastic. This is mostly manufacturing scrap left from making other items. We do not use recycled used plastic since we cannot control the grade or quality of this type of plastic. 

Repairing your plastic item reduces the demand for oil. To make a new item it takes two pounds of oil to manufacture a pound of plastic.  Most tanks weigh at least 20-30 lbs without extra fittings etc, Less than 1/2 pound of plastic is used for a repair kit. That is 60 lbs of oil compared to one!


Plasti-Mend is manufactured and packaged in the USA. 

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We are confident enough in our plastic repair products that if you are not satisfied with their performance, we offer a full money back guarantee, including shipping, for one year after your purchase. 

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